Resources & Training

The management and administration of sponsored programs is complex and must be carried out in compliance with UW policy, federal and state laws, sponsor requirements and award terms and conditions. UW Research Administrators must navigate policies, procedures, and systems in an effort to ensure that sponsored programs are appropriately managed while providing excellent customer service.


Annual Symposium for Research Administrators – The Symposium for Research Administrators is an exciting opportunity to establish connections and expand the knowledge of research administration at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Research Education Development – RSP’s educational program for research administrators at the UW-Madison. RSP recognizes the time and effort needed to train and educate research administrators, so they established the resources to prioritize creation and management of new educational programming.

Research Education Development Peer Mentoring Program –  Individuals involved in this program will have an opportunity to build important relationships with colleagues across campus while enhancing their professional growth.

Professional Development – Education and growth aren’t just for the students at UW-Madison. As a member of our working community, you are welcome and encouraged to explore the broad spectrum of opportunities to add to your professional skills.