Staff Directory

Darryl Thelen
Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Affairs
(608) 262-1902

Tamara Kuhn Martin
Assistant Dean for Research Administration
(608) 265-0504

Dawn Herrick
Senior Research Administrator
(608) 263-4980
Primary Pre-Award Contact for Chemical & Biological Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Industrial & Systems Engineering (agreements), and Mechanical Engineering (agreements)

Kedren Ekelin
Research Administrator
(608) 265-7904
Primary Pre-Award Contact for Biomedical Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering, and Industrial & Systems Engineering (proposals & award setup)

Steve Flaherty
Research Administrator
(608) 263-1625
Primary Pre-Award Contact for Engineering Physics, Material Science & Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering (proposals & award setup)

Steven Hanson
Financial Program Supervisor
(608) 262-6818
Primary Post-Award Contact for Biomedical Engineering, Chemical & Biological Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Engineering Professional Development, and Industrial & Systems Engineering

Jodi Rodefeld
Financial Research Administrator
(608) 262-3782
Primary Post-Award Contact for Electrical & Computer Engineering, Material Science & Engineering, Engineering Physics, and Mechanical Engineering

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