University of Wisconsin–Madison


A. Regulatory Compliance

a. Financial Conflict of Interest

b. Effort Reporting – effort certification is a federal requirement, and is separately required by many funding agencies. Likewise, it enables faculty and staff to accurately determine effort when preparing proposals.

c. Outside Activities Reporting – In order to to identify potential or actual conflicts of interests, faculty and academic staff must annual disclose outside activities and financial interests related to their field(s) of work at UW-Madison via an Outside Activities Report (OAR).

Management Plan

d. Export Controls

B. Research Protocols

a. Human Subjects – in order to protect the rights and welfare of research subjects, all research involving human subjects must comply with applicable institutional policies, laws, and regulations.

b. Animal Use -  At UW-Madison, the Research Animal Resource Center provides oversight and assistance in assuring compliance with all laws, regulations, and rules governing the care and use of laboratory animals.

c. Biological Safety – As a major research institution, the UW-Madison must provide assurances that its biomedical laboratory practices are in compliance with state and federal regulations and guidelines.

d. Stem Cells – Following guidelines established by the National Academies and the National Institutes of Health UW-Madison has adopted policies and procedures governing research involving human pluripotent stem cells that ensure adherence to ethical and legal principles, as well as state and federal regulations.