University of Wisconsin–Madison

Award Management

Sponsored projects are awarded to the University and assigned to a principal investigator (PI) who is accountable to the sponsor for the proper conduct of the project or activity. A PI’s responsibilities include actively monitoring of day-to-day business and monitoring spending. Maintaining trust between sponsors, the University and the public is based in part on responsible use of award funds. Future awards, the reputation of the university and the investigator and avoidance of penalties may depend on the quality of management.

A. Award Monitoring & Oversight

a. Roles and Responsibilities – awards at UW-Madison are monitored by a combination of the Principal Investigator, department administration, Dean’s Office, and Research & Sponsored Programs.

b. No Cost Extensions

c. Cost Transfer

d. Cost Share

e. Effort Reporting

f. Subawards

g. Exceptions to Cost Principles – All costs charged to a research project must be considered allowable and applied consistently according to either federal guidelines or the agreement terms and conditions.

h. Forms and Documents

- Cost Share Update Form

- NCE Template

B. Electronic Tools

a. WISDM – WISDM is the Wisconsin Data Mart for the Shared Financial System (SFS). UW-Madison uses this system for grants management and financial reporting.

b. Cost Transfer Tool

c. PI Financial Tool

d. Effort Commitment Lookup Tool

e. RSP All Awards Search Tool

f. RSP Accountant Search Tool