University of Wisconsin–Madison

Proposals & Agreements

A. Policy & Procedures

a. Proposal Process Guide – Detailed guide regarding how to prepare and route a proposal in the College of Engineering

b. COE 7 Day Gudeline – IMPORTANT : Designed to ensure on time submission and quality proposals for COE PIs

c.  Outside Activities Reporting

d. Principle Investigator Status

B. Budget Development

a. Budget Preparation Guide – Step by step guide on how to build a budget

b. Budget Spreadsheet Templates

c. Cost Share

d. Rates

e. Salaries – NIH Salary Cap info and Salary look up tool

C. Routing and Approvals

a. WISPER Submission Process

b. RSP’s WISPER Reference Guides

c. WISPER Tool

D. Agreements

Agreements are funding mechanisms which stipulate the terms of use for funds that are transferred between organizations. The College of Engineering, Research Services Office facilities processing of all awards and agreements.

a. Standard Research Agreement

b. Confidentiality Agreement

c. Material Transfer Agreement

d. Fee-For-Service Agreement